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-> We make law accessible through mass legal education.

-> We build online and mobile delivered courses around law and business.

-> We bridge the gap between legal academia and the industry.

-> We teach practical aspects of business law to lawyers, managers, entrepreneurs and innovators.

-> We organize workshops for premier educational institutions and other organizations.

-> We teach women how to enforce their legal rights.


Diploma in Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws, NUJS

We run India’s biggest online entrepreneurship administration and business law course along with National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata – consistently ranked as one of the top three destination for legal studies and research in India. Learners including bureaucrats, lawyers, CXOs, managers and students from 6 different countries are currently studying business law online through our state of the art Learning Management System on their computers and smartphones.

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1 in 3 Bar Exam takers in India fail the exam. Our online bar exam preparation course boasts of 100% success rate – even with those law graduates who take it up as a last minute recourse. We have helped hundreds of law students not only to pass the bar exam, but also to improve their knowledge of law with easy to learn study materials, mock tests, quizzes and lessons on exam taking skills. Law graduates simply love our course. The course comes with a money back guarantee – if you take our course and fail the bar exam, we’ll give your money back – that’s how confident we are about BarHacker.

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Instalaw Workshops

We have been organizing paid and free workshops for premier educational institutions like IIT Madras, IIT Delhi, BITS Pilani, National Law University Delhi, National University of Juridical Sciences Kolkata and many others. We have also conducted workshops at organizations like Press Club Mumbai and YMCA Delhi. What is taught at these workshops? A range of topics such as Project Finance, Online Reputation Management, Investment Law, Entrepreneur’s Guide to Law, Contract Drafting Marathon and a lot more. We also hold bootcamps on Recruitment Preparedness as well as mooting for law students.

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eDC IIT Delhi college Outreach

In partnership with Entrepreneurship Development Cell, IIT Delhi, we are reaching out to colleges in Delhi/NCR and even beyond to teach potential student entrepreneurs how to operationalize their business plans. We are also building resources at the college level for students to build skills that would help them to start their own business as well as increase their employability.

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End Sexual Harassment Toolkit

We have a fresh chance to end sexual harassment in India as finally a comprehensive anti-sexual harassment law is enacted. Having a law is not enough until it is implemented. This is where you can make a difference. What if implementing the law is made absurdly easy? What if we can teach the employees, men and women, what are their rights, duties, and what they can expect from the employer. What if we can give your employer a toolkit which he can use to become 100% compliant with the law within one day? Help us to make this movement successful and end sexual harassment at workplaces in India.

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Superlawyer is a portal where you can learn to make better career decisions from experiences shared by others. The portal is yet to be launched, but expectations are already very high with thousands of law students and lawyers pre-subscribing to the blog.

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Services and partnership opportunities

Digitalizing education

We can help you to bring your existing courses online, and even build one to create a new revenue stream for you. We are already helping some premium universities and colleges to create universally accessible revenue generating digital courses


Would you like to be a guest speaker at our webinar and reach out to hundreds of qualified professionals? If you can teach something valuable – please get in touch with us.

Course Development

We are building more online courses in partnership with some of the best known names in Indian education on subjects like Foreign Direct Investment and Women’s Rights Enforcement. If you are interested in an institutional tie up with us – get in touch.


You can invite us to organize a workshop at your institution/college/event.

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"Making the transition from self-employed to entrepreneur, I knew my limited knowledge of business would be inadequate. My educational background is in Design. No one in my family has run a business. I had neither the time nor the inclination to do an MBA - I needed to learn what was relevant and critical to MY business. That's where iPleaders came in with their online Diploma Course. I'm halfway through it and it's helped me tremendously so far."

- Akshata Udiaver

Secretary, The Animation Society of India, Founder, All About Animation and Indianimated Magazine.

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Hostile Takeovers in India

A takeover, sometimes called an acquisition, is one company’s acquisition of control over another. The operation is usually carried out through a direct acquisition by one company of the net assets liability of the other. The target company that is taken over is usually smaller than the acquiring company. An acquisition is normally carried out by means of buying shares. …

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Onion price rise: Cartel to be blamed? Competition Law and Onions

From 10 kg to 70-80 per kg and today 100 kg, onions seem to be on an all-time rise. Being harvested all across the country, this vegetable goes through a long twisted journey before reaching us. There are about four intermediaries that it travels through before it finally reaches the vegetable market. These are the middlemen, the wholesalers, traders and the commission agent. …

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New crowd funding law in Italy: Is it start-up friendly?

What is crowd funding? When a group of people come together and pool their money via the internet, mostly through social-networking websites, to support the initiatives or business ventures of other organizations, such a process is called crowd funding or crowd financing. Small amounts of capital provided by a number of individuals are used to finance a new business venture. The internet helps in making this process can seamlessly fast and smooth. …

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iPleaders builds mass legal literacy programs targeted to solve real life problems. We help Indian universities to build world class, profitable and highly accessible online and mobile learning courses around law, and then sell these courses to learners across the world. We contribute technology, content and our marketing, and the university provides certification, content, faculty and audits the courses.

We have built a Business Law course targeted at entrepreneurs and businessmen, which has about 300 hours of content including text, videos, mindmaps, process documents, tests etc. NUJS, considered to be one of the best law schools in India, awards a diploma to the learners.

We also recently signed an MoU with the eDC IIT-Delhi which empowers us to establish Entrepreneurship Development initiatives in many colleges across India. Students can directly interact with us on various topics related to Entrepreneurship through our workshops and forums.

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