iPleaders is a thriving ecosystem that offers great insight, learning, products and services across the legal ecosystem.

iPleaders has multiple initiatives on its platform which cover diverse aspects of legal and business activities.


Offers free legal tutorials to solve your day to day legal problems.

The tutorials help with regulatory expertise for your business or career advancement. It is online legal education platform to create access to justice in India. Our tutorials address legal issues spanning corruption, RTI, business incorporation, property matters to human rights!


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Cliklawyer provides a powerful but unconventional approach to provide quick, cost-effective and intelligent solutions for your legal and regulatory needs.

Instead of fighting expensive and lengthy court battles, we get you results through strategic legal actions that are more likely to lead to quick settlement. Total unpaid cliams in India stand at INR 64,000 Cr. highlighting the justice gap in India which Cliklawyer aims to disrupt.

Acumen invesment model infographic - Partner and Investment page

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Curating career insights for lawyers and law students.

Partners, general counsels and senior advocates across the legal spectrum come together to offer their insights, career advice and offering their take on critical matter pertaining to law.

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Access to Justice Institute was formed to transform arbitration, contract enforcement and determination of contractual disputes in India.

Designed to fulfill on the core promises of arbitration, particularly cost-effective and timely redressal of disputes in a planned manner. Key features of arbitration instituted by the Access to Justice Institute are - speedy and time bound resolution of disputes (arbitral award is issued in as few as 7 days after submission of pleadings), transparent and determinate pricing, elimination of oral hearings and simplified dispute resolution by written pleadings only.

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